Hidalgo Granite


Hidalgo Granite provides their customers with splendid stone works of various surfaces. The majority of the products that we fabricate are made of Dolomite, Granite, Quartz, and Quartzite.


Dolomite, a specific type of stone widely used as countertops surface because of its greater usability and appealing visual aesthetics that gives high-end look to any kind of architecture. Dolomite is highly durable due to its toughness and offers greater vulnerability.

Dolomite possesses higher durability; it lasts for decades by providing only necessary maintenance. The heat resistance capacity of the stone makes it a highly recommended material for kitchen countertops, it also offers a wide range of colors and shades.

At Hidalgo Granite, we use specifically honed finishing techniques that help to reduce the rawness of the stone to make it vulnerable to various surfaces. Various colors and shades are treated exceptionally to convert raw materials into high-end countertops.


Granite is probably the most commonly used material due to their dense nature which makes them a highly appropriate construction material. Granite slabs are in use for decades due to their dense nature they are highly appropriate for construction. Their bold appearance looks sophisticated in every setting as it comes in a variety of colors and compositions to confront various architectural needs.

The premium construction material offers easier installation and is highly reliable as it usually possesses a larger life span. Granite countertops are highly resistant to heat and require almost zero maintenance. There is a very rare chance that a granite countertop gets any crack, if it happens so it can be fabricated easily.

At Hidalgo granite, we bring wonderful granite from Brazil that comes in a fascinating variety of colors, we deploy ultra-modern fabrication techniques to teen raw granite into beautiful slabs, and afterward a quick and hassle-free installation by our professionals.


Quartz is one of the hardest materials available on earth and is another desirable material for countertops that are used in various architectures. The popularity of quartz as a countertops material has increased over the years.

Quartz countertops don’t catch water stains which helps to keep the shining free from deeply embedded stains that’s why they are considered maintenance-free. Quartz is highly durable and possesses a larger lifespan. Moreover, they come in various colors and shades so they can fit different circumstances.

Our team at hidalgo granite is highly professional at the fabrication of high-end quartz slabs that can fit various bath, and kitchen settings. We have got a highly skilled team who helps you choose any elegant quartz counter according to the nature of your project and after fabrication, we make quick installation of countertops.


Quartzite is a metaphoric rock abundantly available in brazil and many other countries. People often confuse it with quartz however it’s a totally different material frequently used in bathrooms and kitchens. Most of the time it possesses a glassy appearance and looks highly elegant in various architectural settings. Countertops made up of quartzite are highly durable and possess longer life that’s why it is considered ideal for any kind of countertop surface.

Hidalgo granite has got top-notch fabrication facilities located in East Michigan, we fabricate quartzite to make custom countertops for our customers. Customers can also choose from our extensive collection of quartzite slabs that are available in eye-catching and bold colors that makes your home or office look more striking.